WordPress (review)

Wow WordPress really is simple. From concept to go-live. 2 hours. BAM! Review complete! And as far as I’m concerned the layout is fine. Very nice final product.



So I’ve decided to pay it forward and share some of the things I’ve collected and learned along the way. I’m not a great writer, but I hope you at least find the topics and banter interesting.  I don’t always know the line by line details to how certain code works, but I do tend to get things done. Along the way you may read some football (Soccer) banter as I am an avid Arsenal fan and grew up loving the beautiful game. Finally my family means everything to me so now and then I may post some personal stuff up here for your entertainment. If you have constructive feedback please feel free to share your opinion, but be considerate and remember we are all people with families, reputations and feelings.