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Email vs. In person

Today I found myself writing an email to a co-worker and realized that my email could have been improperly interpreted. At times trying to help someone can come across as putting your nose where it doesn’t belong. No one knows this better than me. I hate when people inject their opinions into my work, but that’s a character flaw in me (a topic better saved for a therapist). Anyway. I immediately got out of my chair and walked over to talk to my co-worker. My co-worker turned to me and I could sense the negative vibe instantly, but guess what! By walking over and explaining myself and assuring them that I meant only to help, they reevaluated the scenario and thanked me.

So there is a lesson to learn here. Email is dangerous!

If you need to offer criticism, advise or talk out a fact checking or debugging scenario, then it really is better done in person. People are sensitive and emails definitely don’t cater to the sensitive people of the world, and it certainly doesn’t assist those who are not sensitive in their delivery techniques.

The other solution is to put an emoticon after every word, so that there is no misinterpretation…Probably not the best idea or is it? Maybe emails should have an emoticon attached as a primary overtone to a subject. That way when you get an email you can send the ones labeled with a frown as spam and the ones with an angry face as trash.

Today we are witness to the birth of emotomail!!! Who’s in?


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