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ColdFusion Vs Everyone?

This morning I was shocked to hear that ColdFusion is dead. Oh no wait again? So here’s the deal. I heard from two completely unrelated sources “this morning” that CF was dead. Hey folks….It’s still not dead, so why not just cut the crap accept that it’s alive and well.

ColdFusion is primarily used behind firewalls. For example a majority of the larger companies have instances of ColdFusion running their intranet applications.

ColdFusion’s many strengths including:

  • data transformation applications
  • rapid development
  • data aggregation
  • report building
  • systems integration
  • translation layer between multiple platforms and languages
  • And SOOOO many more

ColdFusion shows up as having low usage on external reporting services because it’s tucked away behind firewalls where external reporting services can’t see it. Also the analysis of external ColdFusion instances should include all CFML engines including Blue Dragon, Railo and Adobe ColdFusion. Railo is rapidly becoming the chosen solution for ColdFusion developers due to it open source roots and Adobe’s neglect to market ColdFusion.

Keep in mind that if we removed WordPress, Drupal and Joomla from the statistics, php would most likely be down by 75%, to less than the number of .NET sites.

Everyone jabbers about Groovy, Grails, Ruby on Rails etc, but they are all a smaller market than ColdFusion.

I’m not afraid to learn other languages, but I always laugh at people who baulk at CF. They just can’t afford the hosting, so they learn what they can afford or what they were taught in college. With the introduction of Railo I am hoping for a resurgence of ColdFusion development.

I really like this article written by Ray Camden CF extraordinaire.

Keep in mind folks there are currently at least 211,947 active sites using Adobe ColdFusion. Not including Intranet’s and custom internal applications, which is most likely the majority. Does that sound dead to you?

If you love CF get out there and tell people. Let you managers know why. Show them the product, the results and the cost analysis of something done using CF verses something done in another language.

Find a creative way to show people that you love ColdFusion. Post your ideas here (even though I get very little traffic). Scream to the world “I LOVE COLDFUSION!!!!!”