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View source code on an Android device.

Leadbolt does everything humanly possible to hide their code from you. But not today my friends. I made it my mission to hack it so that I could enforce my own styles against the content.

If you are developing an android HTML5 app, simply place the JavaScript code I am about to give you below as the last thing before the closing body tag, and the Leadbolt ad code will be expose.


Run your code directly in any android browser. This will launch a JavaScript popup within your android application that reveals the rendered HTML tag source code.

Have fun, I’m sure this might work with all types of JavaScript based ad services for android devices.

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Mobile OS Poll

Android Vs Apple

Don’t get too detailed and start talking about OS versions, modified vs. native… blah blah blah. Just pick one. We know what you mean when you say Android not interested in Ice Cream vs. Jelly Bean.