Digital DiaryMy Digital Diary

If I’m not programming, playing soccer or spending time with my family I descend into my home studio and rock amateur hour in the basement. In other words I power up my homemade desktop named “Raptor”, fire up Cubase pull out the Akai controller, flip on all the rack gear, synths and crunch out some tracks. My VST’s are more than enough to overwhelm me with millions (Endless) sounds to work with, but love collecting hardware synths and gear. You can hear some of music at . You can also follow some stuff on . Be kind and try not to hurt my feelings when you comment.

I’ve been making music since 1989. And yes, I haven’t gotten much better than the day I started… Well maybe a little better.


  • Mesh
  • Iris
  • DeVision
  • Depeche Mode
  • VNV Nation
  • BT
  • …. (any electronic musician really)

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