Adobe Coldfusion

Adobe ColdFusion

 The fastest way to build Java based websites

The premier server-side solution for rich application development

10,000+ Companies

500,000+ Developers

125,000+ Applications

350+ User Groups

10,000 Downloads / month

Simply stated “ColdFusion Rocks.” ColdFusion has been around since 1995. Born to the parents of By Jeremy and JJ Allaire ColdFusion was invented to connect front end UI development to backend databases. Originally written using C, ColdFusion was rewritten in Java, purchased by Macromedia and then again in 2005 by Adobe. My guess is Adobe wanted Flash from Macromedia and was handed ColdFusion as a consolation prize. With that being said Adobe farmed ColdFusion development out to India. Good? Bad? not sure, but I can say tech support has been a nightmare. Luck thing ColdFusion is so amazing. this brings me to my next point of evangelism. ColdFusion has an amazing backbone of incredible developers. Many of whom I am proud to have met. The ColdFusion community is lead by a list of brilliant, giving and friendly individuals. There are some many I don’t want to offend people by leaving them of the list, but a few are listed below linking out the their main sites..

Learn more about ColdFusion at:

Adobe ColdFusion technology Comparison
Adobe ColdFusion technology Comparison

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